Ivana I. Kostić – an artist of nature

It is our honor and pleasure to be able to present Ivan I. Kostić as an artist who contributed immeasurably to the activities of the Museum of the Defense of the Rivers of Stara Planina and Zeleni talas in efforts for the protection of nature and the betterment of society in general. Because of her noble efforts, she was awarded the Stara Planina Green Plaque for her significant contribution to nature protection.

Ivana I. Kostich, finished the high school of Arts in Nish (2012), obtained her Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of applied arts, in Belgrade, the department of interior and
furniture design. Her Master studies she finished at the same Faculty and department in 2018. Four times exhibited as an independent artist for a dozen group exhibitions. Since 2020, she has been accepted as an independent artist. She lives in Belgrade and works in the field of interior and furniture design, graphic design, painting, sculpting and photography.

The colors of the soul

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and each scene in front of us gets its final shape through personal interpretation. The world of ideas behind every appearance is an inexhaustible source from which artists draw and which they constantly interpret. The world of ideas is closest to artists and they directly approach it, noting the meeting of the moment and eternity. On the landscapes of Ivana I. Kostić on which the scenes of the Old Mountain are immortalized, there are motifs of mountains on the horizon, slopes that shine in the summer sun, rivers that flow freely for thousands of years, a wealth of forests that fill the eye…

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The artistic creation is a personal act, therefore it has a universal cosmopolitan value and its existence is not bound to a particular environment, but belongs in itself to the cosmopolitan principles. The starting point of every artistic endeavor has its point of origin first of all in the place, in the time, in the life and in the most positive tradition in relation to the past, the present and the future. True artistic values determine the identity and legitimacy of the place where they originate, and in time can become an indispensable value for all humanity. By striving for the highest civilizational goals, I would like to create with my art, above all, a perspective for the realization of new artistic experiments that will ennoble human life through the humanity of my worldview.

Today I am in the phase of research efforts in the field of art and society as a whole, and for this I am looking for a foothold in the unlimited spaces of human existence, starting from Altamira up to the present day. With the conviction that tomorrow begins today. My artistic and creative curiosity is expressed through the core activities of design, sculpture, painting, and photography. For this occasion, I took over 4,000 photos at dozens of locations.

At this moment, I wanted to present myself with photography, and above all with sunsets, which is considered by experts to be one of the most subtle and delicate artistic challenges in photography.


Sunsets, light and color have always been vague and a great inspiration for the greatest impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet’s palace. In addition to those types of photographs, I also deal with multimedia photography and portraits. It seems to me that at this moment in time there is a big task that should satisfy my creative and intellectual curiosity as a provocation to the currently dehumanized reality and future that distances man from nature and himself. yourself.

Ivan I. Kostić


Ivana’s creative spirit was developed in various forms of visual expression, from an exemplary professional design orientation to applied art. Ivana has basic and master’s studies in interior design and furnishing award-winning culture in the field of protection in the construction area. The originality in each of the expressions brought her many interests and invitations to study and act in the field of art and design. She is the winner of the Green Charter of Stara Planina for her significant contribution in the field of nature protection. Ivana is the creator of the visual identity through the total design of the Stara Planina River Defense Museum, on Stara Planina. With his imagination, Ivana visually creates a special world of art and design that captures and completes the living space in a special way, where he brings beauty and harmony together with functionality, economic life, and comfort. The theme that she works on and that inspires, motivates and interests her in each of her expressions is water, water as a creator. Ivana’s creative spirit is expressed in different types of visual care.

Ivana completed her master’s studies in interior and furniture design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The originality in each of the expressions brought her numerous interests and invitations for participation and activity in the field of art and design, which captivate and complete the living space in a special way.

In the length of the case, working on artistic themes, they find themselves from their occupation with water as one present creator.

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